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YIN MEI DANCE exists to further the choreographic and performing efforts of company director Yin Mei. She formed Yin Mei Dance in 1995.

In Yin Mei’s vision, the company’s purpose is to touch people through performance—indeed, to offer work that goes beyond performance, offering and evoking a personal, even spiritual connection between performers and the audience.

Yin Mei has been a professional dancer since the age of 14, when she joined the Henan Province Dance Company in her native China. Yin Mei has been choreographing and performing contemporary works worldwide since coming to the United States in 1985.


Yin Mei sees her work as both traditional and experimental, as drawing on classical sources while willing at the same time to subvert them. Employing Chinese energy direction and spatial principles as a means of creating dance within the rubric of contemporary dance theater, Yin Mei’s goal as a choreographer and performer is to make visible through dance the inner world that lies beneath the surface of everyday life—a parallel world beyond material purposes and goals, stemming from emptiness, filled with the mystery of life.

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