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In both my roles as a choreographer and a teacher, my approach revolves around inspiring and revealing the inner world of my students rather than just imparting content. Teaching, like choreography, is transformative, and I believe that awakening to the body's inner and outer aspects leads to integrated learning. My teaching begins with understanding the body as a micro-universe, connecting us to various aspects of the world. Emptiness, silence, and space are tools I use to reach into these worlds by reaching inward. I aim to create a physically released vessel that's open to the flow of energy, or "chi," through the body, achieved through over 20 years of training in Asian performing arts, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong.

This approach fosters a holistic body/mind awareness in which movement becomes an act of surrender to energy, leading the mover rather than being controlled by intention. Connecting with the flow of energy within the body gives purpose to movement and connects the mover to external energies and narratives. My teaching draws on Asian contemplative practices, such as the I Ching and Chinese calligraphy, to help students better understand the stories told through movement. This approach enhances contemporary movement and encourages students to explore questions about their identity, purpose, and direction in their artistic journey.

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