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Press Quotes

"Yin Mei is a dancer of luminous clarity… her movement a combination of delicacy and strong intention, and firmly rooted feet that support swooning explorations of arms and torso."

Dance Insider 

The New York Times


The Village Voice

Los Angeles Times

"Yin Mei is a stunning presence herself, bringing her classical Chinese dance training and aesthetic into a blend with adopted Downtown sensibilities with refined grace. /Asunder is filled with movement that translates an agony that is repeatedly saved with an embrace."​

"That contradiction - the pull of the traditional and the contemporary - has inspired many dances. But Ms. Yin balances and weaves together all the intricacies of that complex friction with stunning clarity in Empty Tradition/City of Peonies. The piece proceeds from one distilled memory to another, not illustrating them but evoking their emotions in passages of shimmering, pensive and abrupt movement. Ms. Yin is a dancer of exquisite lyricism and delicacy."

"The greatly gifted Yin Mei works from a deep place...Nomad brushes our mind with images whose poetry ensnares us, whose enigmas taunt us."

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